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Using facial or body hair for hair transplants

Updated: May 6, 2020

More and more we’re receiving inquiries about using facial and body hair for hair transplants. While case for each patient is unique, short answer is yes; taking donors from these areas is possible.

If hair loss is too much and number of required grafts is more then 5000, donors from nape might not be enough. In this case, facial or body hair is the natural choice to meet the target number. Very likely, this results in 2 separate transplant sessions.

If the patient had another transplant before and looking for a new one, taking donors from nape might result in undesired thinning in this area. Accordingly, facial or body hair can be used instead of taking donors from nape.

Finally, combining DHI with facial or body hair usage totally eliminates shaving requirement in the head. If the patient doesn’t want to have any shaving in the head, hair from alternative areas can be used.

Of course, there are limitations to this treatment. First of all, around 1000 grafts can be taken from these areas at most. Also, when it comes to body hair, chest is a good source but hair from other areas can be used only in very exceptional cases.

Emphasizing that case for every patient is unique, it is always necessary to consult an expert before deciding about the best approach and hair transplant operation.

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