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Why does Turkey attract so many patients for hair transplant surgery?

If you live in Istanbul or visited the city as a tourist and roamed the streets, you probably saw post-surgery hair transplant patients quite frequently. Perhaps you wondered why Turkey had become such a hotspot for hair transplant surgeries.

Well, there are a few important reasons. First of all, location of Istanbul is quite favorable for foreign patients. Istanbul is reachable from Middle East and most of Europe with a 2-3 hour flight. There are regular flights from England, Germany or Dubai every day. When combined with the Turkish market, Istanbul can serve a huge market- from United Kingdom to United Arab Emirates.

Another important point is touristic attractiveness of Istanbul. Hair transplant surgery takes 2-3 days. Patients can enjoy this period roaming the streets of Istanbul or tasting traditional Turkish food. If you want, you can transform the surgery period into a mini holiday.

Last but not least, performance/price ratio of the surgery is really competitive in Turkey. There are many options and healthcare services are relatively cheap. Doctors are experienced and can serve foreign patients.


All being said, you should do your research well before deciding about an operation. If you are coming from Europe, even the best doctors are affordable for you. You can pick more reputable doctors/hospitals and still can save considerably. Also, if you want to turn this into a holiday experience, choose the hospitals in more central parts of the city. Via internet, you can search easily about your options.

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