Before the Operation

What are the medical conditions that make hair transplant difficult?

Heart, blood and skin diseases are risk factors for hair transplants. If you have a history of heart attack, eczema or lupus, hair transplant is not recommended.

If you are on medication of any type, please consult your primary doctor and inform us. 
If you are a regular smoker, stop smoking before 7-10 days of the operation. Also, stop taking alcohol before 1-2 days of the operation.
For an overall medical check, you can have a look at our medical background checklist.


Initial assessment of your case can be done totally online.

For an in-person discussion with an expert before making a decision, you can visit our partner clinic in London, Regrow Hair Centre

Do you make initial assessment online? 

Yes, if you contact us and send pictures or a short video of your head, we can assess your case and make a specific offer.

You can have a preliminary assessment yourself by having a look at our graft calculator.

For an in-person discussion with an expert before making a decision, you can visit our partner clinic in London, Regrow Hair Centre

What does all-inclusive hair transplant package include?

All-inclusive package includes the following items:
•    Transplant operation + control + washing on final day
•    PRP + Shampoo + lotion + neck pillow
•    3 nights stay at the hotel, including breakfast
•    Transfers in Istanbul

Can I opt to have a custom package?

Yes. We can adjust items in the package such as staying in a different hotel. If you inform us about your preferences, we reflect them to planning and pricing.

Should I book the hotel myself?

No. Hotel and transfers in Istanbul are included in our all-inclusive package. We handle the booking for you.
It is also possible to have only treatment and arrange the hotel yourself. Price is adjusted accordingly.

Can I come with spouse/partner/family?

Yes. Please inform us about the details, and we handle the hotel reservations for you. 

Do I need a visa to come to Turkey?

Visa requirement changes from country to country. British citizens can obtain it online in 2-3 working days. For more information:

Does the all-inclusive package include plane tickets?

No, plane tickets are not included in the package.

Which airport should I use in Istanbul?

There are 2 airports in Istanbul. Istanbul airport (IST) is closer to city center. Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) is also possible, but please consider it as a secondary option.

Operation Day

How long does the operation take?

Depending on the technique used and number of grafts transplanted, the operation is done in 4-8 hours. It is done in single day. There are breaks during the procedure.

What kind of anesthesia is used in hair transplant operation?

Hair Transplant Operation.jpg

Can I have general anesthesia for hair transplant operation?

General anesthesia is not required for hair transplant. It can be done optionally, but it is not recommended. In practice, we almost never do general anesthesia in hair transplants.

How is a typical operation day at the clinic?

Your day at the clinic starts with blood test and medical background check. If medical clearance is taken, transplant operation can be started.

Before the operation, you have a session with the doctor to discuss details of operation and desired transplant features (e.g. desired hairline, priority areas for higher density). Desired hairline is literally drawn to your head. Afterwards, you are taken to operation room.

First step in the operation is to take targeted number of grafts from donor area. After all the grafts are taken, you have a lunch break.

After the break, transplant stage starts. There are differences between FUE and DHI techniques, but in either technique, grafts are transplanted to target areas based on desired shape and density.

Finally, after the operation, you have some rest in the clinic and are taken to your hotel.

After the Operation

How long does the scabs remain?

Scabs remain for 7-10 days after the operation.

Dos Donts.png

Growth of newly transplanted hair becomes visible by month 1. Full results are achieved by month 6-12. 

When does the newly transplanted hair become visible?

Growth of newly transplanted hair becomes obvious by month 3. During this period, we recommend the following:
•    Avoid scratching and too much touching
•    Avoid direct sunlight, especially in summer
•    Avoid hot showers to your head
•    Allow your hair to take fresh air. For example, if you wear hat, don’t make it tight 
•    Avoid smoking

How long does it take to achieve `full coverage`?

Growth of newly transplanted hair continues after month 3. Full results are achieved by month 6-12. 

Can I continue having medical support after operation?

Yes. If you want to continue to have supportive treatments to quicken hair growth, you can visit our partner clinic in London, Regrow Hair Centre

Quick Analysis

For a preliminary self-analysis, visit graft calculator.

Note that every case is unique, and an online assessment by doctor is required before deciding about the transplant.

Online Hair Transplant Consultation.jpg