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Having hair transplant, again?

Updated: May 6, 2020

So, you have already had hair transplant operation before, and you need once more. Good news is that you are not alone. Better news is that more than one hair transplant operation is possible.

Most common reason of need for a second transplant is not having the desired results in the first one. Transplants with some older techniques like FUT might result in not so satisfying results. Also, scars in the donor area might remain. Although not visible, these scars are a source of discomfort.

There are a few items on the checklist before deciding about the second operation. First one is the availability of donors on back of your head. Naturally, less donors will be available for a second transplant. Taking an excessive number of donors results in thinner hair in the back. This leads to second item on agenda: Do you want your beard or chest hair to be used as donors for hair transplants? (For a detailed discussion about beard and chest hair as donors, please read our relevant post). Beard and chest hair give natural-looking results, so you can be comfortable in this sense. So, once you have donors there, they can well be considered for hair transplants.

As with all hair transplant cases, every patient is unique and must be assessed in detail. By sending photos from target and donor areas, and informing us about your past operation, you can receive your treatment plan in a short time.

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