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Having Hair Transplant in Summer

Summer is approaching, and you are considering about having hair transplant. After doing some research on the web, you see that post-operation care seems difficult in summer. At the same time, there are people having transplant is summer. So, can I have or not?

Well, as long as you obey the post-operation guidelines, you can have hair transplant any time. However, post-operation guidelines mean that you can’t go to a Mediterranean beach just after the operation. Excessive sweating, too much sunlight and swimming are not recommended for the first 2 weeks at least. Obeying these rules is important to maintain high graft survival rate after the operation. In other words, if you have holiday plans on a sandy beach for the summer, you have to have the operation after your holiday.

After hair transplant, you can go back to your country and continue your normal life even in summer. As long as you obey the post-operation rules there is no problem. After 2 weeks it will be life as usual for you.

If you want to have hair transplant in the summer months and have holiday plans around the same time, please inform us during online assessment of your case. We will tell what can or can’t be done, and figure out the best schedule for you.

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