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Hair Transplant Treatments

Unshaven Hair Transplant

With the premium Direct Hair Implant (DHI) technique, it is possible to transplant hair without shaving your head.

In DHI technique, only the donor area (back of the head between 2 ears) is shaved. Denser and more natural results are achieved.  

Second Hair Transplant

You had a hair transplant in the past and now you have to have once more. This type of transplants is becoming increasingly common, and satisfactory results are achieved. Both DHI and FUE techniques can be applied, depending on the case.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Do you need a high number of grafts to be transplanted? Don’t worry. With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, high number of grafts can be transplanted. With Sapphire blades high quality results are obtained.

If required, donors from beard and chest can be taken to reach required number of grafts.

Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplants are also possible. Head, face or chest can be donor areas. Totally natural results are achieved.

All for Your Comfort

All-inclusive Hair Transplant Package

Custom Packages

Group Discounts

We take care of every detail when you come for hair transplant operation.

Our all-inclusive hair transplant package includes:

  • Unlimited number of grafts

  • Transplant operation + controls on second day

  • Shampoo + lotion + neck pillow

  • 3 nights hotel stay, including breakfast

  • Transfers from/to Istanbul airport, hotel and hospital

We offer custom packages, with different hotel, transfer, duration and cost options. Just inform us about your preferences.

You can come with your family, stay in a different hotel in Istanbul or stay longer then usual 3 day visit.

For patients coming to hair transplants together, we have special advantageous offers, covering treatments and hotel. 

If you inform us about such intentions, we prepare your transplant package accordingly.

Our Clinic

With its fully equipped operation rooms, our clinic specializes in plastic surgery and hair transplants. Our expert staff conducts several operations in these fields every week.

Clinic's central location and proximity to major hotels is another advantage of our clinic. 

We provide transportation between clinic, hotel and airport during your visit in Istanbul.

Quick Analysis

For a preliminary self-analysis, visit graft calculator.

Note that every case is unique, and an online assessment by doctor is required before deciding about the transplant.

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